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USC Public Arts Commission is excited to present Nuit Violette: Vide Noir! Nuit Violette is an all-night, sunset to sunrise, celebration of extraordinary art talent on the Western campus. This year will look a little different, but we hope to continue its spirit online and deliver it in a website format.

This year’s curatorial theme – Vide Noir (black void) – focuses on change. Change comes in all shapes and forms. While the world is ever changing, there has been a fundamental shift since 2019. This pandemic has altered our perspectives, our plans, and almost everything around us. Many new questions have been posed about life, yet so much has been left unanswered. What will happen next? What has changed? What do we want to remain? When will it end? When can we go back to the way we were? Do we want to? While we’re lost, what might we find? A great deal of questions have been taking up space in our minds and infiltrating our thoughts.

It’s time to embrace the void and turn uncertainty into creativity. There may be something you can find inside. So step into the Vide Noir with us. We’re going to be here awhile.


Want to get your fix before the pieces release? Start by watching "Soliloquys of Change" by Theatre Western.

Ready to check out the pieces? Click below!

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